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Chris Barnicoat - 23rd July 2018

Chris Barnicoat - 23rd July 2018

Chris Barnicoat was portrait number one in the original 100 Portraits I shot in 2016. I photographed him at my home where I’d set up a very basic natural light studio next to some french doors. It was early January and a low sun had broken through the cloud to give me a sliver of lovely light to work with before disappearing again. The hardest part of any project is getting started in the first place. I lucked out with Chris as he was comfortable in front of a camera as a result of the acting work he was starting to get around this time, he was patient whilst I dithered with my camera and most of all he was kind in giving up his Sunday morning to come and sit for me for a project which was only in my head at that stage! 

I wanted to photograph him in the same place for his follow up portrait as he’s physically changed quite a bit over the last couple of years and I thought it would be interesting to see the two portraits side by side. Thanks Chris once again for your time and for chatting about your upcoming projects, it all sounds like far too much fun to call work!

What’s changed since I first photographed you in 2016? 

“Everything’s changed!” 

It really was at the beginning of you taking up acting wasn’t it…

“Yes absolutely. I loved it so much that I decided that it was time to go to Falmouth Uni and do some proper training and study a degree in acting which I’m hoping will make a difference to future work and getting a decent agent. I’ve just finished my first year, I’ve got two more years to go and then I’m hoping to throw myself into acting full time.”

What made you get into acting?

“Because it’s not like work! I just genuinely enjoy myself on set, I like the holiday from myself as well, just being in another character and being able to lose myself in it I guess. It’s a privilege rather than a chore to do, it’s very rare you find work you truly enjoy so it’s something I definitely want to follow with all I’ve got.”

Chris Barnicoat - 10th January 2016

Chris Barnicoat - 10th January 2016

What projects have you got on the go at the moment?

“Alien Outbreak I think is one of the ones I’m most looking forward to. There’s some interesting CGI work in that so I’m really excited to see that come out later in the year. I’m currently looking at working on a local horror film and also hoping to be involved in a World War 2 film towards the end of this year, whatever I can fit in with my studies really. We do a lot of plays as project work at Uni, ensemble work and they put us in different roles which could be performing, directing, a little bit of everything.

I’ve currently got a part time job as a pirate (laughs) So yeah I’m working over at Pirate’s Quest which is a tourist attraction which explores the history of piracy in Cornwall and a lot of the myths and legends like King Arthur and Bolster the Giant. You get a live pirate experience where you get taken around on a tour and told all the stories by a real life pirate actor. I’m no stranger to being a pirate! You’ve got to be on your toes a lot of the time, you never know what you’re going to be asked by some of the kids (laughs) never a dull moment.”

Long term plans?

“Hopefully get my degree in the next two years and just throw everything I’ve got into film mostly, maybe a little bit of theatre, I’d like to get myself an agent and see what comes up.”

And finally, any dream roles?

“Star Wars! If I could be in any film, it would be Star Wars. Even it’s Alien number 3, that would be all those childhood dreams come true!”

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