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The 100 Journal

Welcome to the 100 Journal

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At the beginning of 2016 I set myself the challenge to take 100 portraits. It was borne out of absolute boredom in the aimless recovery time following a minor op in the Autumn of 2015. Boredom can be just what you need sometimes, even though it may not feel it at the time.

The project turned into a time consuming beast, which is no great surprise given the challenge and sometimes I think, If I’d known at the time just how much effort it would take to complete it, I may never have started. So I just jumped straight into the project without a second thought and made it happen. 

One thing I hadn’t anticipated was just how broad the range of people I’d photograph would be or where the project would take me. I thought I’d struggle to find subjects, particularly if I was asking people who I had had no previous connection with. But nearly everyone I contacted was more than happy to give up some of their time to have their portrait taken which I found incredible.

The common theme that kept cropping up as I met people throughout the year, were the snippets of life stories that people shared with me. It’s these stories that I felt were missing from the final collection of photographs. I completed the challenge by the end of that year with a 100 portraits in the bag but wishing I’d thought to gather people’s stories along the way. 

Two years on and it feels like the time is right to start revisiting some of the original 100 portraits and to see how things have changed for people in that time. I also plan to start finding new people to photograph and talk to and continue the 100 projects in a small way. So I shall gather these images and stories here on this blog. I hope you enjoy! 

Sally Mitchell